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This Week in Colorado Springs (9/26 - 10/1)

Fall has Arrived!

By Tony Fleming-Brum - September 25, 2017

Good Morning Colorado Springs, and welcome once again to this week’s edition of the Front Range Shuttle weekly events blog! I hope you’ve gotten your fill of sunshine, as we’re now officially in Autumn! We’ll be starting to see some colder weather rolling over the mountains this week, along with scattered showers and thunderstorms all the way through next Monday, so be sure to pack some jackets if you’re in town for a visit!
Kicking off our week with Tuesday (9/26), we’ll be heading over to Sunshine Studios Live here in town for 94.3 Kilo’s presentation of alternative rock band Trapt, accompanied by Colorado Springs natives Lavinia Unknown! One of the best live venues in town, Sunshine Studios boasts an amazing sound system, cutting edge lighting, and live streaming capabilities! With 4 great bands on the docket for the night, you’ll definitely want to check this out!
As for this Wednesday (9/27), we’ll be stopping by the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center for an exhibit that this Brazilian blogger is very excited about: Raizes/Roots: Transformations in Contemporary Brazilian Art! Raizes showcases four dynamic contemporary artists Ana Carolina Fernandes, Annie Ganzala, Elisa Riemer, and Henrique Oliveira. Four Brazilian artists complicate the connections between earth, spirit, body, and the impacts of colonialism and globalization in contemporary Brazilian society. It’ll be an excellent chance to take in some very eye-opening artwork representative of the current state of the country of Brazil.
Moving right along to Thursday (9/28), the good folks at the Millibo Art Theatre will be hosting a Season “Sneak a Peek” Party! Join them for their original happy hour on Thursday, September 28th from 6:30-8:00 for a sneak peek of their upcoming year. They’ll share all the juicy details of the work they’re putting together for their Premieres and Kids First season, samples of new whiskey and wine they’re offering this season as well as their super special one night only season subscription deals! The best part: It’s free!
This Friday (9/29) we’ve got a very special event coming to town: The Colorado Military Taptoo! Each year performers from different countries join with active duty military bands, first responder pipe bands, and civilian performance groups at the Colorado Military Taptoo. Opening with the sound of trumpets and the massed pipes and drums, the show takes you on a journey with the unique sights and sounds in the most beautiful setting: The Glen Eyrie! The show is the perfect setting for friends and family to come together with hundreds of spectators and experience the music and entertainment of the Taptoo.
Saturday (9/30) we’ll have another chance to get in to the Glen Eyrie to see the Colorado Military Taptoo, but if you already got your fill on Friday, we’ll also have another great show in town to check out: The Fall Rock Fest at Stargazers Theatre! Don’t miss Fall Rock Fest in Colorado Springs with three local bands, The Martini Shot, Wrestle With Jimmy, and Plain As Day! The Martini Shot is a seven-piece, horn-powered, Pop-Rock cover and original band based out of Southern Colorado. The Martini Shot has released four original projects with major influences of Barenaked Ladies, Reel Big Fish, 311, and many others. You’ll be in for a treat if you’re able to make it out to this FREE event!
Wrapping up our week with Sunday (10/1), we’ll be taking a quick trip up to Old Colorado City to check out the Michael Garman Museum and Gallery’s Spooky Magic Town! Michael Garman's 3,000 square foot cityscape gets a spooky makeover for Halloween! Normally, Magic Town is a perfectly normal place to visit -- Michael Garman's characters just go about their days. But, in October, that all changes. With spiderwebs hanging from streetlamps, zombies on the loose, and creepy new characters, this is an experience you won't want to miss: a miniature haunted town. Come enjoy a special scavenger hunt for those who are brave enough to peer down the zombie-filled alleyways featuring new special holographic appearances by some of Colorado Springs best actors, the Garman family, and Michael Garman himself!

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