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This Week in Colorado Springs (7/17 - 7/23)

Summer Weather is Back!

By Tony Fleming-Brum - July 16, 2017

Good afternoon again Colorado Springs, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Front Range Shuttle local events blog! That was a pretty crazy week of rain we just had, especially on Friday! Luckily, we’re looking at a much drier week through Thursday, and scattered showers in the forecast for Friday and next weekend. At least the plants will be loving this rain, and we’ll seeing much more of the beautiful green mountains with this much moisture!
Kicking off our week of sunshine with Monday (7/17), we’ll be heading over to the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center for their Art Detectives: The Great Masterpiece Mystery game! Put on your deerstalker (Sherlock Holmes hat) and join the Buell Children’s Museum for a fun and engaging mid-year exhibition. Your mission is to solve one of the masterpiece mysteries set up throughout the museum. Develop the detective tools you need to become a super sleuth and uncover the solutions when you scan your hand and examine finger prints, search for hidden clues, decode secret messages, and discover your “detective name.” Favorite areas get a detective makeover - like the master of disguise area in our costume corner, and more. Visitors will try their hand at painting, portrait sketching, and sculpture as they learn about the elements of art. It should be a fun afternoon!
After an afternoon of mystery and art, we’ll be heading up to the Simpich Marionette Showcase on Tuesday (7/18) for their performance of the Tinker Yorkinee Spree’s Fantabulous Suitcase Circus! Puppeteer David Simpich is pulling some old strings and plenty of new ones as his Olde English Tinker/Clown opens his wares-for-sale suitcase at a most unusual angle— revealing a troupe of highly talented Yorkshire Terriers vying to take the center ring. For this special summer show, all ages are invited to find a seat under an amazing mini big top that celebrates the magic and hope only found in a world of spangles, sawdust, and daring…. Tinker Yorkinee Spree’s style, that is.
With a high of 90 and very clear skies in the forecast for Wednesday (7/19), we’ll be heading up to Soda Springs Park in Manitou Springs for a different breed of Summer Concert; the 312th Army Reserve Band! The Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce, Visitors Bureau, and Office of Economic Development would like to welcome the 312th Army Reserve Band to our Soda Springs Park Summer Concert Series Line up! Bring your lawn-chairs and your family down to the park for a 7:00 pm show that's not to be missed!
Thursday evening (7/20) we’ll be heading over to the Stargazers Theatre for my favorite kind of concert: a free one! This week they’ll be presenting the Pikes Peak Brass Band, an elite 33-member ensemble in the classic British brass band tradition. Concerts electrify audiences in educational and public settings and promote excellence in music. Since its founding in 1998, the Pikes Peak Brass Band has maintained high musical standards for all its members. These standards have infused the band with new talent, helping it to evolve into a truly outstanding representative of British brass music. This will be a show you won’t want to miss!
With rain in the forecast on Friday (7/21), we’ll be heading over to The Gallery Below for their Friday Eve Bizarre Bazaar! Head over and peruse their Weird and Fabulous wares including Clothing, Jewelry, Art, Shoes, and much more. They’ll also have the walls lined with original art pieces, artist signings, tattoos upstairs at Pins and Needles, and general community weirdness! I know I’m curious about just how weird Colorado Springs can get!
We won’t be missing a whole lot outside on Saturday (7/22) with rain in the forecast once again, so we’ll be heading over to Front Range BBQ in Old Colorado City where they’ll be hosting the J Miller Band! This band is a true hybrid of many genre's, but floats along the Americana river at a nice easy pace. Miller and Company paid wonderful homage to their heroes on their latest record, and those heroes are smiling, guaranteed. The J.Miller Band is truly a result of musical friends getting together for one purpose, to sing the songs, play their instruments, and enjoy all the fruits of their labors!
Wrapping up our week with Sunday (7/23), we’ll be heading right back to the Stargazers Theatre for a very special event: Harry Teubner’s Celebration of Life! Harry Teubner was one of the biggest supporters of the music scene in Colorado Springs. On Sunday, July 23, members of our musical community are coming together to honor and celebrate the life of this wonderful & kind soul. Members of Starburn, Whiskey Fingers, Fish Tank Piranhas, The VooDoo Hawks and many more will be performing in memory of Harry and his love of music. Come out and help them give Harry the sendoff he deserves!

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